Arrowhead Associates Profile

Arrowhead Associates Profile

Arrowhead Associates, LLC specializes in providing strategic purchasing consulting services. Our focus is to identify, analyze and implement cost reduction opportunities for organizations and businesses in a wide range of industries.

Through reductions in the cost of the goods and services you purchase, our methodology helps companies improve their competitiveness and profitability without sacrificing quality, delivery and service standards. We do this through a complete and confidential analysis of your purchasing data, development of cost reduction recommendations and timely implementation of identified cost savings.

With over 20 years of experience in purchasing and strategic sourcing roles with Fortune 500 companies, our process is disciplined, thorough and effective. We serve as an adjunct purchasing department - in effect augmenting your capabilities and providing extraordinary assistance and guidance throughout the duration of the project.

Arrowhead Associates, LLC
Alberto L. Mignucci
Managing Partner

tel. 203.257.8623